I get it.

15 years ago I was editing Quicktime movies delivered via CD-ROM for an educational technology company in Plainsboro, NJ. The company I was working for had yet to develop a web presence, so I took it upon myself to learn HTML, then design and code a website. The company folded before any of my pages hit the Internet, but I took that experience up Route 95 to New York City, and landed my first job at a fledgling new media company named Interactive8.

As Interactive8 grew, I moved up from Designer, to Senior Designer, to Art Director. I had the fortune to work with companies such as AT&T, De Beers, M&M/Mars, and Purdue Pharma. Eventually Interactive8 gained the attention of investors, and we went public. I rode the IPO wave until the last ripple ebbed on shore, and then struck out on my own as a freelancer, working at shops and agencies as diversified as Ogilvy Interactive, Parlo, and Urban Zen - a private label for Donna Karan. In that time, I expanded my skillset to include illustration, retouching, print design and Flash animation.

In 2003 I became affiliated with a small company named AgoraMedia. There I provided design services for a rather successful publication known as "The South Beach Diet." We launched a site, then a banner campaign. The diet was a hit, a bestseller, and subscriptions were up on SouthBeachDiet.com. This opened the doors to other partners, such as Denise Austin, Jean Chatzky, and Dr. Weil. AgoraMedia was changing their name to Waterfront Media, and they needed a logo. I was there to help them. My realm of experience expanded to include the health/diet/wellness category. My relationship with Waterfront Media lasted well into their current existence as Everyday Health Inc. - a major player in the online pharmaceutical advertising game.

Today I am providing successful solutions to agencies, shops, boutiques and individuals as diversified as industry giants AOL, Hearst, and NBC Universal, to players in entertainment with names like Marlo Thomas. I have overseen the development of numerous print campaigns, web sites, banner & email blasts. Concurrently, I have remained up-to-date with relevant and emerging technologies, keeping pace by delivering clean and effective designs that translate well to CSS3-driven web pages and mobile devices.

For the past 15 years it's been my job to understand all things new media. I enjoy it, and I get it. Download a resume, and I think you'll see that I get it, too.

Partial Client List:

Ad Council
BP Amoco
Cliff Freeman & Partners
Community Works NYC
Donna Karan
Everyday Health Inc.
Jim Beam
Marlo Thomas
NBC Universal
Ogilvy Interactive
Purdue Pharma
SciMed NY
Waterfront Media